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The Shivaji Competition seeks actual and impossible ideas to maintain human habitation on islands and deltas doomed by a one meter sea level rise in the 21st century.   All entries will be submitted as animated GIFs for social media broadcast and museum exhibition. One finalist will be selected to participate in the Rising Waters Confab 2016 to be held on Captiva Island, Florida, USA in May, 2016. Roundtrip transportation provided. Visit All entries due on March 10, 2016. The Competition is free to enter.


The Rising Waters Confab 2016 will be held at the Rauschenberg Residency on Captiva Island, Florida in the Gulf of Mexico between April 25 – May 26, 2016. The Confab is designed to spark a productive dialogue amongst scientists, activists, artists, island dwellers, and others, and work toward addressing the realities of sea level rise. The 2016 participants will be announced soon.   The 2015 participants, selected by artists Buster Simpson and Laura Sindell, included David Buckland, Mel Chin, Xavier Cortada, Orion Cruz, Gretel Ehrlich, John Englander, Walter Hood, Lewis Hyde, Natalie Jeremijenko, Edward Morris, Helen Nagge, Jeremy Pickard, Andrea Polli, Thomas Ruppert, Susannah Sayler, Tom Van Lent, Glenn Weiss, June Wilson, Kristie Anders and Anne Focke. The online catalog of projects from 2015 can be downloaded at


No entry fee.     If you wish to support the Competition, please donate $5.00 at the crowd funding site.



The competition is open to any person, anywhere. The competition outreach is focused on artists, scientists, engineers, writers, architects, designers and DIYers. Only persons over the age of 21 can be selected to join the Rising Waters Confab 2016.

Types of Entries

The ideas presented as animated GIFs can explore the full range of practical, political and artistic thinking. Responses can be elaborate infrastructures for urban cities and DIY methods for agricultural islands by residents with very limit economic resources. (or vis-a-versa). The proposals can be real, impossible, symbolic, humorous, paradoxical, etc as long as the proposals help wake up politicians, engage the minds of a broad public and respect the people of the islands or deltas.

All the proposals must be an actual physical thing or human action. Pure statements such as “Stop Global Warming” or GIFs only illustrating a situation will typically not be accepted..

Existing Ideas, Designs and Products

Ideas developed for other competitions or exhibitions can be submitted. Engineers, agencies and businesses that have completed designs are encouraged to submit the design or product as an animated GIF.

Qualifying Entry

The GIF and other required information must clearly relate to Shivaji Competition. The competition organizers can delete any entry for lack of relationship to the competition, lack of an actual proposal, and a violation of general community standards for publication on social media sites. The decision of the organizers is final.

Jurors for Selection of Finalists

The participants from the Rising Waters Confab 2015 and 2016 will be asked to vote on GIFs. Glenn Weiss and Buster Simpson will make the selection of 10 and 25 as finalists.

Criteria of Selection of the Finalists

The finalists will be selected based on the following criteria. All criteria are equal in importance.

  • Innovation
  • Response to the culture of the people living on the island or delta
  • Persuasive
  • Conceptual, aesthetic and metaphorical qualities
  • Quality of GIF itself
  • Appropriate to the terms and goals of the Shivaji Competition

Selection of Participant in the Rising Waters Confab 2016

One of the finalists will be selected to attend the Rising Waters Confab in its last week between May 19 – 26, 2016. All expenses for roundtrip travel will be paid by the competition. In Florida, the winner will have a private room, all meals and access to participate with the other artists. Pictures of the facilities can be seen here.

Each finalist will be asked to submit a paragraph biography and a short statement about why he/she would like to attend the Rising Waters Confab. Follow-up questions may be asked of the finalists by Glenn Weiss, organizer of the Shivaji Competition and/or Buster Simpson, curator of the Rising Waters Confab 2016.

People’s Choice

For two weeks, the GIFs will be posted on Facebook for public voting. The people’s choice will be included in any future exhibition and publications.

Finalist Recognition

The finalists will be combined into an exhibition that will be made available worldwide for museums, film festivals, biennales, giant outdoor video screens and conferences on effects of global warming between 2016-2017. A downloadable ebook will be produced and a publisher will be sought for a print version.

Online Viewing and Distribution of Entries

Until at least December 2017, all qualifying entries will be online on Facebook, Pinterest and the website.



The GIF can be any time length but is limited to a maximum size of 3 MB for use on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and ease of viewing on cell phone. Name the GIF as follows:       “your last or family name” ( dash ) “your first name” (dash) “island name” (dash)“Shivaji2016”.       For example:       Smith-Tom-Captiva-Shivaji2016.gif

SIZE – All GIFs must be 500 pixel WIDE (Horizontal)
Horizontal: 500 by 281 (16:9 Ratio)
Square: 500 by 500
Vertical: 500 by 750

  1. TITLE            The title should include a descriptive phase. For example: “Crab Shoes. Mechanical shoes that adjust to water level.”       A maximum of 100 characters is permitted.
  2. ISLAND or DELTA NAME.            Provide the name a specific island, island group or delta for the idea. Part of the intent of the competition is to call attention to places under threat. For example: Captiva Island, Nile Delta, Maldives.   If you do not wish to specify an island or delta, then use the words “All Islands”.
  3. NATION of ISLAND            Provide the name of the nation where the island, island group or delta is located. If the island group or delta spans more than one nation, include all nations.       If you do not wish to specify a nation, then use the word “Earth”.
  4. TEAM MEMBERS            Provide the names of all team members plus the primary city and country of the team. If associated with an organization, institution, NGO, business or collaboration, then include persons’ names and then company, city and country. For Example: Team members Tom Smith and Alice Jones of Concerned Architects, London, UK.
  5. CONTACT’s EMAIL            The email for a contact person. This email must be monitored between March 10 and April 10, 2016.
  6. CONTACT’s FIRST NAME            First name for a contact person. The person or people in the “Team Member” section are the recognized makers.
  7. CONTACT’s LAST NAME            Last or family name for a contact person. The person or people in the “Team Member” section are the recognized makers.
  8. CONTACT PHONE            The phone number for a contact person. This phone number must be monitored between March 10 and April 10, 2016.
  9. IDEA DESCRIPTION            A maximum 1000 character description of your idea and how it relates to maintaining human habitation after the sea rises one meter.       Be sure to include relationship to any special physical or cultural aspects of the island or delta.       The description will be available to the jurors.
  10. OPTIONAL WEBSITE            One Website address will be published. Can use Facebook page as an alternative.
  11. OPTIONAL. Provide two (2) IMAGES OF PEOPLE LIVING ON ISLAND or DELTA.   The images are NOT part of the judging for the competition, but will be used for the publicity to demonstrate the cultures under risk by rising seas. The images must be owned by one of the team members, not downloaded from the net. Name the still image “Photographers Last Name” in upper case letters (dash) “Photographers First Name” (dash) “Island or Delta Name” (dash) “Year of Photograph”. For example: MAPPLETHORPE-Robert-Manhattan Island-1987. File types: jpg, gif or png. At least 500 pixels in width. 1280 or higher in width recommended.


January 7, 2016                 Competition opens

March 10, 2016                   All entries due

April 1, 2016                        Finalists selected and posted online

May 19-26, 2016                 Selected participant at Rising Waters Confab

May 23, 2016                        Online ebook publication of Finalists

June – Forward                   Distribution of information for exhibition in museums, institutions, film festivals, outdoor giant LED screens, conferences including COP 22 in Marrakech, Morocco in November 2016


The finalists will be requested to create a square format PDF sized at 50 x 50 cm at 120 pixel/cm or 20 x 20 inches at 300 dpi. Each board will include the following

  • Title
  • Team members
  • Name and country of island or delta
  • Illustrations of idea
  • Idea description in text at 14 pt or larger
  • Images of island, delta and/or its people
  • In 14 point text “The Shivaji Competition, 2016”


As soon as entries are submitted and through May 23, 2016, entries will be posted to the Shaviji Competition sites on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Giphy and Tumblr. These entries will be chosen by the Shivaji Competition for early posting. All entries will be posted by April 25 or earlier for “People’s Choice” voting.

All entrants are free to publish their animated GIFs before and after the Competition due date of March 10. Please use Shivaji2016 or #Shivaji2016 or Shivaji Competition in the post or tweet.


Article 8 of Draft COP 21 Agreement signed in Paris, 2016

“Parties recognize the importance of averting, minimizing and addressing loss and damage associated with the adverse effects of climate change, including extreme weather events and slow onset events, and the role of sustainable development in reducing the risk of loss and damage.”

 “Accordingly, areas of cooperation and facilitation to enhance understanding, action and support may include:

  • (a) Early warning systems;
  • (b) Emergency preparedness;
  • (c) Slow onset events;
  • (d) Events that may involve irreversible and permanent loss and damage;
  • (e) Comprehensive risk assessment and management;
  • (f) Risk insurance facilities, climate risk pooling and other insurance solutions;
  • (g) Non-economic losses;
  • (h) Resilience of communities, livelihoods and ecosystems.”

Slow Onset Event, etc.  

Examples of some issues caused by sea level rise:

  • Failure of sewer systems
  • Failure of stormwater drainage systems for rain and tide
  • Underground saltwater inclusion resulting in a loss of freshwater and loss of agricultural fields
  • Storm surge with saltwater flooding
  • Loss of infrastructure such as roads and electrical transmission
  • Emigration or forced re-settlement
  • Damage to buildings and homes
  • Loss of human life
  • Damage to social structure and economy

(These examples were NOT listed in the COP 21 agreement)


Shivaji Competition Links

Rising Waters Confab

Organizers and Selectors of Participants in Rising Waters Confab

Glenn Weiss,
Buster Simpson,

GIF Making

Sample GIFs

Sea Level Rise, Islands and Deltas

Shivaji Island Forts



The Competition is not responsible for assisting or securing visas for entry into the United States.   Entry into the United States is the complete responsibility of the winner. An official letter of invitation will be provided for use by the winner

Copyrights and Publication

By entering the competition, all persons and organizations associated with the entry (ENTRANT) agree to share the GIF, other images and text copyrights with the Shivaji Competition and Glenn Weiss and agree the most restrictive Creative Common License with the exception below regarding a publication and tickets.

The entrants grant the Shivaji Competition and Glenn Weiss the unlimited right of reproduction of the submitted GIF, other images and text for any and all non-commercial purposes.   The granting of right of reproduction does NOT include any rights related to the idea itself, the physical manifestation of the idea and any patents. The entrant cannot be required to reveal any information about the idea beyond the information voluntarily provided in the materials submitted to the competition.

In general, the Shivaji Competition and Glenn Weiss will use the GIF, other images and text for online publications, print publications, distribution to media outlets and for display in museums, global warming conferences and other institutions and events.   Without the written permission of the entrant, neither the Shivaji Competition nor Glenn Weiss will sell products for commercial gain containing the GIF, other images or text submitted by the entrant. The exceptions to the above is the ability of the Shivaji Competition, Glenn Weiss, a book publisher and future exhibiting institution to sell a publication of submissions to the competition and any tickets sold by an exhibitor.

Font for the Shivaji logo.

The font “dyslexie” was developed by Christian Boer.


How to reduce file size to 3 MB.

  1. Reduce number of frames. Typical maximum with color photographs is 20 frames.
  2. Use black&white photographs
  3. Use Illustrations with limited colors, not photographs
  4. Reduce the number of colors from 256 to 100 or lower
  5. Play each frame longer

Ways to reduce size that risk quality in photoshop or other programs

Reduce the “Lossy” number.
Set the GIF settings to a maximum size file and see what happens.


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