Sponsors, Endorsements and Listings

Thank you to all the organizations that have announced or supported the Shivaji Competition to take action to warn about the  destruction of islands and deltas around the world.

Media Sponsors

e-architect (2)E-Architect


(Just started Asking)
German del Sol, Architect, Chile
Tim Tompkins, President, Times Square Alliance


130 auslobungen of bauwelt, Germany
ACT-adapt.com, Vancouver
agendaconcorsi.com, Italy
akichiatlas.com,  Japan
archdaily.com, New York
archpaper.com. New York
archinect.com, Los Angeles
artdeadline.com, USA
artshound.com, Houston
asla/LAND/newsletter, USA
asociación española de paisajistas, Spain
bustler.net, Los Angeles
chicagoartistsresource.org, Chicago
concursos opengap.net, Madrid
e-architect.co.uk, United Kingdom
europaconcorsi.com, Rome
jamaicagateway.com, Jamaica
palyazatok.org, Hungary
Psi 22, Australia
publicartist.org, USA
on-the-move.org, Belgium
repeating islands, Caribbean
sidearts.com, USA
wettbewerbe-aktuell.de, Germany

A Few Postings and Tweets

Anders Levermann, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Adam Grydehøj, Island Dynamics
Eve Mosher, Artist, NYC
Kathy Kijiner, Poet, Marshall Islands
Cape Farewell / Art COP 21
Art Moves Africa, Capetown
Earth Hour Caribbean
WRI Cities India
Nato Thompson, Creative Time, NYC
SparkingDialogue on tumblr

News Stories

Palm Beach New Times, Jan 28, 2016, Jess Swanson


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