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Nature Conservancy Oyster Reefs

mobile-bay-volunteers-1052x434Oyster reefs are the foundation of healthy bays and estuaries around the world. For thousands of years, reefs have provided food and habitat for birds and marine life. They buffer our coasts from waves and improve water quality and clarity by filtering impurities from the water. Reefs support the growth of essential coastal vegetation like marshes and seagrass beds.

During the last century, intense oyster harvesting, pollution, disease and degraded habitat have combined to make oyster reefs the most severely impacted marine habitat on Earth. Globally, 85 percent of oyster reefs have been lost. Without oyster reefs, our coastal ecosystems breakdown – marine life declines, shorelines erode, and marshes and sea grasses disappear.

The Nature Conservancy is working with more than 100 public and private partners throughout the United States to restore oyster reefs. Using innovative techniques that encourage the natural growth of oysters, scientists are restoring the balance of our coasts and finding long-term solutions to issues like erosion and sea-level rise.

AL Helen Wood BaggedShell_MaryKateBrown_600
Bags of Oyster Shells Reef
Concrete reef balls in Alabama Coast
Nature Conservancy Interactive Diagram

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Bobbing Forest by Jorge Bakker

RJB3134-600x399The project ‘Bobbing Forrest’ is a concept of artist Jorge Bakker, who is known for his sculptures and installations with an architectural impact. ‘In Search Of Habit’ consists of an aquarium filled with floats in which model trees grow.

These miniature trees floating on the water raise questions about the relationship between the city dweller and nature. What does a city dweller have with nature and how humans and nature relate to the world around them?

Jeroen Everaert, Anne van der Zwaag (art historian and cultural entrepreneur) and Jurgen Bey (director Sandberg Institute and Dutch designer) found the concept so appealing that they decided to make an attempt to implement the concept in real life.

After a long time of experimentation and testing, in the spring of 2016 the ‘Bobbing Forrest’ will enter the water with twenty trees. The Rijnhaven will never be the same.

Produced by Mothership Art Projects:  http://www.enterthemothership.com/

Reusing North Sea Buoys
Concept drawing
Rendering of Floating Forest in River

Volunteer Flood Teams


Above, like volunteer fire brigades, the Netherlands have volunteer flood teams help their communities in the event of breaks in the dikes.

Below the Royal National Lifeboat Institute volunteers.

Ireland Flood Rescue Team training in North Wales

Below is the 2009 memorial to RNLI volunteers that lost their lives attempting to save people drowning in the UK, Ireland and elsewhere.  Artist: Sam Holland. Location: Dorset, UK.

Arbroath trainee crew
Arbroath trainee crew


Seawall at City of Male, Maldives

08-maale-maldives-670Japan International Cooperation Agency

The rise in the sea level brought about by global warming was a serious issue concerning survival for a state such as the Maldives which has an average elevation of 1.6 meters. When high tides flooded the capital city of Male’ in 1987 and 1988, more than half of the area of Male’ flooded, an outbreak of cholera occurred, and
almost six million dollars’ worth of damage was caused.  Against this background, Japan carried out a Development Study on the “disaster prevention plan of the coast of Male’ island” between 1991 and 1992, in response to the request by the Government of Maldives.  Then, in order to follow up on recommendations in the study, the Government of the Maldives requested Grant Aid from Japan for seawall construction on Male’ island

Maldives Seawall
Maldives Seawall
Wall to protect Malé from waves erosion.
Wall to protect Malé from waves erosion.
Male, Maldives
Male, Maldives
Two women sit on the sea wall that protects Male, Maldives
Two women sit on the sea wall that protects Male, Maldives
Male, Maldives
Male, Maldives
Male, Maldives
Male, Maldives

Three Weeks after the UN Climate Summit or Coming Home to a Climate Reality

Kathy Jetnil Kijiner is a Marshallese poet and activist. Bearing witness at the front lines of various activist movements inspires her work and has propelled her poetry onto international stages. She has performed her poetry in front of audiences ranging from elementary school students to most recently over a hundred world leaders at the United Nations Climate Summit, where she performed a poem to her daughter, “Dear Matafele Peinam”. Currently she lives and works in the Marshall Islands, where she teaches Pacific studies courses full time at the College of the Marshall Islands

Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner

ourcampaignphoto3*This is an article I originally wrote for the UN-Non-Governmental Liason Services E-Magazine, three weeks after returning home from the United Nations Summit. 

It has been three weeks since I spoke and performed “Dear Matafele Peinam” at the United Nations opening of the Climate Summit. Three weeks, and still I am processing the amazing whirlwind that was the few days I had spent in New York, marching with over 3,000 others at the People’s Climate March and meeting dignitaries from all over the world. Yes, for a small island girl from the Marshall Islands, the entire thing was overwhelming, amazing, and thrilling.

At the time, I had no idea what kind of reaction and response I would receive for the little poem I had written. I only knew that I wanted to write a poem that was true to my story – something my daughter could read years later, perhaps…

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Rising Waters Confab 2015 Publications

The Rising Waters Confab Report / Visual Book is complete.  Click here for the document.


Rising Waters Confab Report

2 Participants
3 Introducing the Rising Waters Confab | Buster Simpson
4 Captiva’s Outlook | Leonard Berry
5 In the Dry Morning | Gretel Ehrlich
8 How the Arctic Drives the Climate of the Temperate World | Gretel Ehrlich
11 What Happened 120,000 Years Ago Could Repeat | John Englander
12 Surging Seas | Climate Central
14 We Have Time to Adapt, but No Time to Waste | John Englander
16 Digging for Water | Glenn Weiss
18 Is it Fair? | Thomas Ruppert
19 How to Talk About the Climate | Florida Sea Grant College Program
21 Week Two | Jeremy Pickard
22 Climate Change Is Gradual | June Wilson
24 Commons at Ground Level | Anne Focke
27 Commons Reader | Anne Focke
28 Rising Waters Blog | Anne Focke
30 Who Should be Our Allies? | Orion Cruz
32 Agitprop at Rally | Buster Simpson and Edward Morris
33 Statues of Brave Heroes of Climate Change Skepticism | Lewis Hyde
34 Drowning Man Festival | Lewis Hyde with Others
36 5 Actions to Stop Rising Seas | Xavier Cortada
38 Captiva Island H.V.A.C. Wedge | Buster Simpson
39 Making Ice Bags to Refreeze the Glaciers | Xavier Cortada
40 Glenn Weiss, Jungle Seeds
41 Week Two | Jeremy Pickard
42 L’Arctique est Paris | All Confab Collaboration, Lead Authors Mel Chin and Gretel Ehrlich
49 Mangroves | Xavier Cortada, Walter Hood, and Buster Simpson
51 Removing Exotics | Xavier Cortada
Raked Free Zone | Buster Simpson
52 Pine Island Sound Expedition
54 Underwater Affair and Palm Column | Walter Hood
56 Hurricane Remodel…Hire an Artist | Lewis Hyde
57 The Graceful Retreat | Buster Simpson
58 National Midden Mound-ument Preserves | Buster Simpson and Andrea Polli
60 Rising Gas | Andrea Polli
62 Islands and Global Forces – Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary | Andrea Polli and Buster Simpson
64 Voxel Frog // Mangrove | Buster Simpson
66 Limestone | David Buckland
68 Charcoal Sketch 2 for Neptune (A Play About Water) | Jeremy Pickard
72 SOS Life Float & Reliquary | Buster Simpson
74 Suggesting Palm Readings | Laura Sindell
76 Charley and Bob | Andrea Polli
78 Luxury Island and American River Archive | Edward Morris and Susannah Sayler
80 The Water Table | Jeremy Pickard
82 Pinhole Cameras | Laura Sindell
84 More Sugar, Dear? | Laura Sindell
86 Grounding Line – I’ve Seen the Water on the Wall | Lewis Hyde
87 The Manatees at Blue Springs | Lewis Hyde
88 Becoming Water | Gretel Ehrlich
89 Death and Poetry | Gretel Ehrlich
90 Fathom’s Portal | Buster Simpson
91 Stacked Chairs | June Wilson
92 Table to Deploy // The Arctic is Captiva | Buster Simpson