Bunker House

“Bunker House”
for Sardegna-golfo di Oristano, Italy
by Anna Rita Emili, Rome, Italy
2016 Shivaji Competition Finalist

Floods, high low tides, are more and more frequent phenomena in our country. Considering the inexorable increase of sea-waters level, too. In Venice there is high low-tide for a long periods of the year , and we can see series of platforms to allow the crossing in the city, in this case.

Our project is based on the utilization of a catastrophic phenomenon, placing it to service of the architecture. Nature and architecture relationship that goes between reason and the imagination. Nature and architecture contemplation that becomes wonder and the same time they cause people confusion. The architecture is inside the power of the destructive nature expression, where the individual is aware of the him-self rational limits to express on the pure emotional place. The individual feeling safe inside his house. He can gets all daily domestic houseworks, taking part of the pure natural act too.

The house is in concrete reinforced and pasted with slags of high furnace. We talk about a court house with a series of spits at the volume that allows to the water to meets in courtyard becoming a big aquarium (when the see is in flood). The volume in concrete has iron elements: platforms, external window panels and various irons that becomes moorings in case of house total flooding. The same irons becomes strengthening of the courtyard glass windows too. The windows has been done with two glass layers with a laminated plastic layer in between however. Near to the splits the glass windows becomes small tunnel allowing the water passage in the courtyard. The house has a double garage: car-garage and bout-garage. Thus the bout, through glass elevator, can to arrive in surface utilizing it in case of total flooding. The house utilize seawater for energy. Trough desalinate system process (inverse osmosis process) is possible to utilize seawater for domestic spaces and with an inverter is possible transform seawater in light energy.





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