Moses, Are you here? Red Sea, Egypt

“Moses, Are you here?”
for Tiran (Red Sea) Egypt
by Istvan Ory, Budapest, Hungary
2016 Shivaji Competition Finalist

My concept is based on a popular meme which spreads on Facebook and any other social media platforms. Based on my experience if you want to raise awareness in a special field, you should use popular marketing tools and funny moments. It could be a good way to demonstrate this problem, because I did the same in my job.

I work for a charity organization, we provide advocacy and information for people who living rare and congenital disorders. Nobody knew about these patients here till I started using these online marketing tools. They need visibility so that we can lobby for their interest.

I made an exaggerated GIF and placed into a historical topic which is familiar for everyone. The situation is: Travolta is looking for Moses nearby the Tiran Island during the well known moment when Moses opened the Red Sea to go across it. The logical confusion causes funny moment for everyone who will see this GIF related to “maintaining human habitation after the sea rises one meter”.

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