Red Pills. A box of hallucinogen pills to turn a blind eye to reality

“Red Pills. A box of hallucinogen pills to turn a blind eye to reality.”
by Hernan Lleida, Spain
2016 Shivaji Competition Finalist

This proposal’s intention is to clearly show that there is no plan B for poor and small islands and deltas. If the sea level rises they won’t be able to afford the expensive countermeasures that would save them. To understand that we need only look at the plans for huge interventions that rich countries are making to save themselves.

My first idea was to design some funny and unrealistic instrument but I realized that such an object didn’t express how dangerous sea level rise actually is. Therefore I decided to propose something horrifying yet realistic to make the danger more visible.

My response is a drug to make people forget their sinking home and the deadly storms that have them at their mercy. This, of course, is no real solution but would help to maintain human habitation. I hope that with this proposal people will realize that there isn’t any good plan B for poor small islands and deltas.That either we act now to stop it from ever happening or their future looks extremely grim.

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