Shifting Levee Piers, Mississippi Delta, USA

“Shifting Levee Piers.
Floating piers that trap sediment, divert freshwater and absorb floodwater”
for Mississippi River Delta, USA
by Margot Krasojevic, London, UK
2016 Shivaji Competition Finalist

The project introduces a series of tethered floating levee piers to divert rising water levels, the interlocking elements are positioned where freshwater meets saltwater to the east of the delta, protecting the freshwater wetlands by filtering and diverting. The structures project from the coastline, made from post consumer plastic fibred mesh, these `tentacles’ are released from the ceramicrete levee shell sections upon contact with rising water levels, they unfold and inflate into the oncoming swell sinking as they absorb water creating an artificial barrier trapping sediment and absorbing flood water. Each fully immersed tentacle expands and falls on top of the next creating a temporary wall preventing water from flooding the wetlands and destroying the natural habitat. Once the floods stabilize the tentacles are emptied, using pumps the water is redirected out of the delta and released in more environmentally stable landscapes which may require water irrigation.

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