Tidal Water Lift, Swansea Bay, Wales

“Tidal Water Lift” for Swansea Bay, Wales by Mags Harries & Lajos Heder, Cambridge, USA www.harriesheder.com –   2016 Shivaji Competition Finalist

A large trussed balance beam is mounted on a pivot on the future Swansea Tidal Water Lagoon. The tide will lift the Lagoon end of the beam and it will dip into the water on the outside at high tide, filling the scoop at the end of the beam with water. As the tide ebbs out, the float pulls down the Lagoon side of the beam and spills the water over the length of the beam, which spans the barrage walkway and down a scupper. The water lands in a stone basin creating a tidal pool, which remains there for the rest of the tide cycle. With each tide, the bay is a single scoop of water lower.

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